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“French Beauty & Health 2012” The cosmetics and healthcare exclusive event organized by the French Embassy
TNN : Technologymedia News 11/21/2012

UBIFRANCE – The Trade Commission of the French Embassy in Thailand, in collaboration with
the Thai Cosmetic Manufacturers Association, the Thai Spa Association, the Health Food and Supplement Association, as well as the Thai Society of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

will held the second edition of French Beauty & Health at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rama 4 Road on Thursday 22nd November 2012.

Directly from France to Thailand, 7 French companies specialized in cosmetics, food supplements industries and equipment for spa will come to Bangkok in order to introduce their latest products and innovations and to find the right distributor in order to open their market in Thailand.

The companies present are:

  • Bernard Cassière Paris: French company specialized in cosmetics made from natural ingredients such as cocoa, honey and spices. Exclusively dedicated to beauty salons and
    spas, the skin care products are designed for a professional use;
  • Biocyte: Expert in nutricosmetics, with a wide range of dietary supplements boasting beauty, anti-aging, slimming and well-being benefits. Today, Biocyte Laboratory are considered as a high-end market leader in beauty and anti-aging dietary supplements;


  • Biolux Medical: A Biotechnology company specialized in photomodulation offers the first intelligent home care device in dermatological aesthetic: LUXe. This LED therapy device allows users to simply stay at home to treat a large variety of skin problems such as dull skin, blemishes, imperfections and anti-aging. LUXe can also reduce inflammations and skin lesions without side effects. In addition, a range of organic cosmeceutics labeled Ecocert has been specially designed for light treatments.


  • Laboratoire CEVRAI: The Company offers a wide range of nutritional supplements, raw materials and formulations in various forms and sizes ready for retail at private labels. Running as well the brand Physioform Nature, the company offers different high-quality products aimed at the well-being of its consumers. Its products include not only ones for slimness, beauty, vitality but also articular comfort and health matters. In addition to its success in supplement business, the company initiated the brand ATP38®, the most efficient and the most dynamic multi-phototherapy equipment used in beauty and wellness care.
    www.cevrai.com, www.webphysioform.fr and www.atp38.com
  • Laboratoire Phyto-Actif: For over 22 years, Phyto-Actif has used the nature’s best to serve the health and well-being. As founding member of Cosmebio (a Professional Association for Natural, Ecological and certified Organic cosmetics), we make it possible to guide consumers toward natural and organic cosmetics. Also precursor for organic food supplements such as Acelora vitamin C products, the Phyto-Actif’s rangecombines product's targeted treatments, packed with active organic ingredients that protect your vitality and well-being. The company is also expert in beauty products (face care, body care, hair care, sun care, essential oils...)
    www.phyto-actif.com and www.paltz.fr
  • La Maison du Savon de Marseille:
    It’s at the heart of Provence that la Maison du Savon de Marseille offers for over than
    15 years, authentic and traditional ranges of Soap from Marseilles made with vege­table oil and olive oil. Discover their new range of extra mild soap made with organic donkey milk, enriched with organic shea butter. The company is also specialized in design and production of well-being product by using the noblest raw materials. Liquid soap, body milk, facial treatment, shampoo, massage oil are amongst their enriched products.


  • Stas Doyer: A French company providing a various range of innovative and high performance equipment for well-being and comfort of its clients. The devices cover those used in hydrotherapy, elaborately designed automatic bathtubs, affusion showers together with bench for use in therapy and water massage and overflowing spa: hydro massage nozzles and spa bath. The company has succeeded in presenting its products to leading spa and healthcare centers worldwide.

The Sala Daeng Room on the 21st Floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel with a mini-tradeshow will become meeting point for individual business meetings.

In 2010, the first edition allowed several French exporters to agree with their Thai counterparts to create a partnership of commercialization in the Kingdom.

For invitation, please contact: wilailak.lakdee@ubifrance.fr or call: +66 (0)2 352 4114.

Press contact:
Ms. Ratchaneekorn MEKCHAI
UBIFRANCE – The Trade Commission of the French Embassy
Tel: + 66 (0)2 352 41 19

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