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Historic partnership between POWER-GEN Asia and the Indonesian Electrical Power Society
TNN : Technologymedia News 6/5/2018

1 June 2018: PennWell and MKI (Masyarakat Ketenagalistrikan Indonesia), the Indonesian Electrical Power Society, are proud to announce a special Cooperation Partnership that sees POWER-GEN Asia* and the highly-respected National Electricity Day coming together this year to create an exciting joint power generation event, called The 73rd Indonesia National Electricity Day - POWER-GEN Asia.

(L-R) Richard Ireland, Managing Director - Asia, Clarion Events; Pak Djoni Djulkifli, Vice Secretary General, MKI; Pak Heru Dewanto, Secretary General, MKI

This joint event, taking place at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition in BSD City, Greater Jakarta, on 18-20 September 2018, provides all attendees with the unique opportunity to meet, engage and network with power generation professionals from Indonesia, the wider Asian region and from across the globe – an Asian power-focused event with a genuine international footprint.

For more than a quarter of a century, POWER-GEN Asia has served as a leading forum where the electric power industry can meet, share and discuss solutions for advancing Asia and particularly the ASEAN’s electricity future. Attracting over 8,500+ attendees from more than 75 countries, POWER-GEN Asia covers all forms of power generation, from conventional to renewable energy and other low-carbon options.

Hari Listrik Nasional or National Electricity Day, organized by MKI on behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and PT. PLN Persero, the state-owned utility, is recognized as the foremost event for key stakeholders in Indonesia’s power sector, where discussions on how best to meet the challenges facing the industry and develop opportunities are held. National Electricity Day also has a central role in supporting the Government’s important electricity-related objectives.

Dr. Heather Johnstone, Event Director of POWER-GEN Asia, said: “We are extremely honoured to be cooperating with such a prestigious organization as MKI, especially as this year marks the first time we have staged POWER-GEN Asia in Indonesia. By combining the strengths of these two highly-respected shows into The 73rd Indonesia National Electricity Day- POWER-GEN Asia we can offer attendees, whether from Indonesia or beyond, a truly productive three-day event.“

Pak Heru Dewanto, Executive Secretary of MKI, said: “We are delighted to be working with PennWell because the focus and expertise of POWER-GEN Asia complements National Electricity Day extremely well. Further, with POWER-GEN Asia being part of the POWER-GEN family, the 73rd Indonesia National Electricity Day - POWER-GEN Asia will provide a fantastic opportunity to strengthen global connections within Indonesia, enabling us to further implement the objectives of the Government”.

For further information on The 73rd Indonesia National Electricity Day - POWER-GEN Asia, please visit: www.powergenasia.com

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